12.0 Distributions

A distribution is a process that runs on a schedule (typically nightly) and distributes rewards to users. For game distributions, the amount of rewards distributed is typically informed by several factors:

  • Player activity in game
  • Purchase activity in the Gala Games store
  • Past distribution results
  • The game’s distribution economic model

There may be more or fewer factors considered depending on the game. Some games have radically different distribution models from others, and most involve custom code. The distribution economic model is built by Gala and the game team together, and determines how the various inputs map into rewards.

As a high-level example, in Spider Tanks, players can earn different sorts of points, including match victory points (for winning matches), node points (when their node hosts a match), map points (when their map hosts a match), and more. These points feed into the economic model, along with the current circulating supply of SILK and several other variables, and rewards are generated nightly for point-earning users.