4.2 Sequences

The two responsibilities of a game integrating with the launcher in sequential order:

  • Create .json file
  • Add executable location key value pair to .json file
"exec": "C:\\Gala Games\\A Great Game\\agreatgame.exe"
  • Add game version key value pair to .json file
"version": 1.0.0

  • Gala Launcher receives launch request
  • Gala Launcher will try to find the corresponding .json configuration file in the “games” folder
  • Gala Launcher will validate the authentication JWT
  • Gala Launcher will check that executable key exists (“exec”)and that it’s path/file exists
  • Gala Launcher will run the executable and pass authentication JWT token as the final argument
  • Game will validate token that comes from the Gala Launcher and decode it for use

Example Launch

C:\\Gala Games\\A Great Game\\greatgame.exe eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1Ni…