2.0 Onboarding Roadmap

  1. Getting Access to Gala Creators: Once your request is approved, you’ll receive exclusive login credentials that provide access to a self-service tool, empowering you to seamlessly navigate and utilize Gala’s powerful suite of creator tools.
  2. Game on all Platforms: Gala supports games on a diverse range of platforms, ensuring your creation reaches a wide audience. Whether it’s Windows, iOS, Android, Browser, or Mac, Gala provides a versatile environment for your game to thrive.
  3. Integrate Gala Games SDK: Seamlessly embed the Gala Games SDK into your project to unlock a world of possibilities. From player authentication and in-game purchases to Gala Token integration, the SDK empowers your game with cutting-edge functionalities, enriching the player experience.
  4. Submit a Store Listing: Craft a compelling store listing that captures the essence of your game. Highlight key features, genres, and metadata information to create an engaging description. Appeal to the vibrant Gala Games community, inviting players into an immersive world crafted by your vision.
  5. Add Web3 Components (Optional): Enhance your game’s functionality by implementing Web3 components. Leverage the decentralized nature of the Gala Games platform to incorporate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for in-game assets or player rewards. Elevate your game with innovative features that resonate with the evolving landscape of gaming.
  6. List In-game Items and NFTs: Showcase your game’s unique in-game items and NFTs by listing them on the Gala Games platform. This step opens up exciting opportunities for players to discover and engage with exclusive in-game assets, fostering a dynamic and rewarding gaming experience.
  7. Submit Your Build and Let Users Play: By submitting your build, you invite players to dive into the immersive world you’ve created on the Gala Games platform. Provide gamers with a seamless and captivating gameplay experience, fostering excitement and engagement within the vibrant Gala community.