18.2 Channel

  • What is a channel?

A channel is an independent ledger of blockchain data.

  • How can I create a channel?

Right now all channels are created by Gala. In the future we may facilitate the creation of channels by external developers.

  • Can transactions happen in any channel?


  • Can transactions happen in multiple channel at once?

A given token would only ever transact in one channel though. There is no cross-channel transactions.

  • Is each channel a different blockchain?

Yes, each channel has its own ledger and worldstate.

  • Does each channel have a block height?

Yes, each channel has its own block height. It could be considered a sub-chain of the overall GalaChain network, but there is no rollup to a lower layer from the individual channels.

  • What is the consensus mechanism of GalaChain?

The concensus mechanism of GalaChain is Proof of Authority.

  • How does the consensus mechanism of GalaChain works?

The consensus is achieved by authoritative peers in the GalaChain network.

  • How long does it take for each channel produce a block?

The block size is configurable per channel. A block is written whenever it reaches 200 transactions or the block timeout is reached in 1 second, whichever comes first. This is also configurable per channel.