18.4 Transactions

  • How can I determine a user’s address from a transaction?

You can reference a data in the transaction. transactions.actions[0].args gives you the dto sent to RegisterUser.

  • Can I generate a transaction ID before it gets uploaded?

It might be possible, but we don’t recommend it. All of our DTOs include a required uniqueKey field that can be used to both guarantee unique tx as well as track them.

  • Do all transfer transaction happens in the asset-channel?

All of our channels have a token contract, which has token transfer capabilities. That being said, the majority of tokens are on the asset-channel. Generally speaking, all channels support basic token transactions (transfer, mint, burn, etc.)

  • if there are two transactions with the same uniqueKey value, which one will send successful?

The first one that is saved in the block will be successful, the other will return an error “Unique Transaction key ${uniqueKey} is already saved for transaction ${transactionId}”.

  • What is the maximum number of transactions per block?

This is configurable per channel, but I believe we have them all set at 200 tx/block

  • What does tokenID:0 and status:200 mean?

Status 200 is just a successful response code, tokenId:0 may refer to the fact that the GALA token is fungible and so it has no instance number.